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Anhinga dries wings

A River in Decline

For many years, the amount of organic material at the bottom of the river has been accumulating, slowing spring flow…

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Residential Fertilizer & Groundwater Nitrates

How we use water and fertilizer inland directly impacts the quality of our rivers. Learn why fertilizer use even miles…

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florida springs healthy

What Makes a Healthy Spring?

Learn how to understand what makes a healthy spring. Check out the interactive map.

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Homosassa River Map NOAA 1977

Homosassa Community

Understand how the Homosassa community is coming together to help restore the river. Homosassa draws in Floridians and…

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Heron in flight

Great Blue Heron

The Great Blue Heron is America's largest Heron. This highly adaptable bird lives in shoreline habitats from Mexico to…

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eelgrass cultivation

Where we get our grass

We're planting acres of new grasses at the bottom of the river. We don't steal them from one place to put into our…

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