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Homosassa River Restoration Project

This is expensive work

Our Board of Directors runs the day to day operations of the project and is 100% volunteer.  However, some costs related to running the organization cannot be avoided. The grants we receive to do the actual cleaning work are spent on cleaning and restoration only. None of that money makes it back to fund the 501c3 and the tools it takes to coordinate our efforts and communicate with everyone who wants a better Homosassa River.

Our team is fully committed to this effort

A small group of citizens banded together to get this project started. We paid for our own rooms and gas to go to Tallahassee to talk to lawmakers. We took money from our own pockets to get our organization up and running.

We can use your help

We have just begun. There is so much to do, and if we can share this expense between our community and our friends and neighbors, we’re all going to share in the benefit of a restored river.